Torre da Naia Flavors

We have a fully equipped kitchen. The chefs carefully prepare the menus, fusing traditional Portuguese flavors and modern cuisine in a perfect balance.


Catering Services:

In the Catering Service we respect the basic rules of protocol serving priests, children, ladies and gentlemen by order. Drinks are served by employees and placed on stools and coolers located near the tables.

Catering Services: Appetizers, Lunch and Dinner, Dessert, Groom’s Cake (will be on a plate), Volante Supper.


Number of people per table:

The average number of people per table must always be greater than 10 people. However, the minimum and maximum number of people per table depends on the room plans.

If the established numbers are not respected, the price may be increased.


Dishes tasting:

Menu tasting is offered to the Bride and Groom and the price per person is €30. In this service we try to replicate what will be served on the wedding day.

The tasting will take place at the beginning of the year of the event. We will send you information about the dates for the tasting.


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